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Trade Profile

Foreign Trade in Figures

Monaco's economy is open to trade. The country's customs regulations conform to French policies. The two nations are part of a Customs Union, and capital is free to move without restrictions between the two countries. As a result, the Principality is part of the European Union customs zone, even though it does not belong to the European Union. The French customs service collects duties on cargo that unloads in Monaco and pays a share to the Principality. Monaco imposes a tax on exports to all countries, except France. The country's low tax rates, very low unemployment rate and high standard of living provide a suitable environment for foreign trade.

In 2015, the Principality's trade deficit worsened, from EUR 2.4 million in 2014 to EUR 65.7 million. Exports declined by 4%, whereas imports increased by 2%.

International trade in Monaco remains dominated by the manufacturing sector. Products derived from the chemical industry (28%), foodstuffs (12%) and transportation material (8%) account for the largest number of sales from the Principality. Monaco mainly purchases products from the textile industry, other manufacturing industries and manufactured transportation materials. Trade with the European Union has declined in recent years. However, the EU remains the Principality's top partner, accounting for 53% of all trade. China is also becoming a significant international partner.




Trade Compliance

Main International Economic Cooperation
The Principality of Monaco is a sovereign and independent state, linked closely to France by the Treaty of July 1918 & 1945 and the Agreement of 1963.
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