Who provides www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd?

The bank Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A. with its registered office in Amsterdam (hereinafter referred to as: ‘Rabobank Netherlands’ or ‘Rabobank’) provides www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd to you. Rabobank Netherlands is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 30046259.

For whom is www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd intended?

The website www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd is intended to be a source of information for business owners. Rabobank has compiled market information here. In addition, information and knowledge from third parties is made available. RSS feeds also link to current publications by third parties.

How up-to-date is www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd? 

The website www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd is updated, usually on a daily basis, with news from a variety of sources for and about business owners. Rabobank publishes its own publications. In addition, there are publications made available by third parties. With RSS feeds there are also links to third-party publications. This flow of information is refreshed every day. 

Publications by Rabobank

The information and/or publications on www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd are compiled with care and present the opinions and/or perspectives of Rabobank and/or experts called upon by Rabobank, but they do not aim to be complete. Rabobank never makes offers via the website www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd. No rights can be derived from this information and/or the content of these publications. Rabobank can always change or delete this information and/or the content of these publications (without notice).

Third-party publications

Rabobank makes information and/or publications available at www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd that have been written and/or made available by third parties. This information and/or these publications may be considered reliable. However, we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. No rights can be derived from this information and/or the content of these publications. Rabobank is not responsible nor liable for the content of the information and/or publications of third parties. The content of the information and/or publications by third parties is subject to change or removal at any time (without notice).

Use of publications

The information and/or publications at www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd may only be used by the user him- or herself. A user may not transfer, reproduce, edit or distribute all or part of the information and/or publications. A user is required to follow the instructions of Rabobank Netherlands regarding the use of information and/or publications. There is no freedom of use; all copyrights, including those referred to in Art. 15 of the [Dutch] Copyright Act, are reserved in respect of the content of the website www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd.

RSS feeds

There are links at www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd to external news reports on third-party websites (via RSS feeds). Rabobank is not responsible nor liable for the content of the websites of third parties to which links refer. Rabobank does not guarantee that the websites of third parties to which links refer are always accessible. Rabobank may always delete an RSS feed (without notice) from the website www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd.

Cookies on third-party websites

Please note that if you visit a third-party website via www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd, cookies may be installed on your device via that website. Rabobank is not responsible nor liable in that case.

Accessibility of www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd

Rabobank makes every effort to keep www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd accessible to users. Rabobank cannot guarantee that www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd will function uninterruptedly without errors. Rabobank is not liable for damage caused by disruptions or errors on the website www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd (or updates thereto).

Choice of jurisdiction

The website www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd (and its use) is governed by the laws of the Netherlands.


Rabobank Knowledge and Economic Research is the economic think tank of Rabobank. This department follows, analyses and forecasts domestic and foreign developments and publishes about them frequently. Many of these publications can be read on the website www.rabobank.nl/wereldwijd. For questions regarding published country reports, you can contact Rabobank via economie@rn.rabobank.nl. Also follow our tweets at www.twitter.com/RaboEconomie.

If you have other questions, contact Rabobank via kennis@rn.rabobank.nl.

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